Hi, and welcome to the competition page.

Our competition will run and run, so you’ll always have a chance of winning. However, the prize(s) on offer may change from time to time, so do head back here and check. If you sign up on our “Join Us” page we’ll email you when anything changes.

So, at present we are offering 3 prizes of either the paperback copy of  The Hollow Sword or The Golden Lance, the next book in the series, signed by Carenza Basset with a personal dedication to you. (The Golden Lance  is currently in production – sign up on the Join Us page and we’ll tell you when it’s available).

How to enter? Simple. Read the book or the ebook and write a review somewhere on the web and then tell us where the review is, so that we can see it. As the competition will continue to run, make sure that you leave the review up on that site. You let us know where to find your review simply by filling in the form below. Every entry gets 1 chance – except that if your review is posted on Amazon you’ll get an extra chance. You can post your review as many times as you like (on different sites, obviously) and each one will be counted separately. Please note that most sites will require you to be registered and some will require that you’ve made at least one purchase from them – even if it wasn’t The Hollow Sword. You should also copy your review on to the review page on this site.

As an added extra – if you are on Facebook or Twitter  - make a posting telling your friends that “The Hollow Sword” on the Kindle is FREE until December 2nd 2014. (After that it goes back to its original price).

If you are on Facebook, ‘like’  the Carenza Basset page before you post. Get your friends to like your post. The person with the most ‘likes’ on their post will also win a copy.

On Twitter, get your friends to retweet your post – but make sure it contains #thehollowsword.  Again, the person with with most retweets will also win a copy

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